Sunday, January 30, 2011

Magnetic Bracelets helps in reducing joint pain!

Manufacturers of magnetic bracelets claim that they can reduce pain. Osteoarthritis affects around 760,000 people in the United Kingdom, producing over 3 million general practice consultations in 2000. ( .With a study they found a significant reduction in pain scores between the standard and dummy magnet groups. The results for the weak magnet group were similar to those of the dummy magnets, and this suggests that the magnetic strength of the bracelet is important.    

The authors emphasize that the benefits are in addition to existing treatments, which should not be suddenly stopped without discussion with their doctor. Also they note that high strength magnets (170mTesla or more) seem to be needed. The cost of bracelets (around £30-£50 or $58-$96), also compares well with that of painkillers, such as paracetamol and anti-inflammatory drugs, and larger investigations should now test the safety of magnets relative to the well-known risks of these drugs, they add.


Ettika braided bracelets expresses your persona in a different way!


In this changing era of fashion, bracelets are the creation of a new history for itself. These are a precious commodity that іѕ designed and manufactured to last a lifetime. Charm bracelets certainly are a different and enjoyment twist for the conventional bracelet because they are dynamic, enjoyment to position on and trendy. Well-liked and giving a more mature look amid the youthful.  

Ettika-Braided-Leather-Wrap-Bracelet-with-Charms is a trendy bracelet made of braided leather strands with charms, wrapping around your wrist giving a refined look. It shows that you still pay close attention to trends and are never too old to try them. The awesome colors available in these designs of Ettika are too rare to see in braided bracelets of other designer sites.

With valentines’ day so close, this is an exclusive piece of jewellery to wrap around the delicate wrist of your sweet heart. The sparkling charms in this bracelet are just right to wish all her dreams come true and spared from all harms.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Get dashing smart looks with Ettika bracelets!

Bracelets are demandable gifts considered for any occasion. Whether you go classic, trendy, or vintage, at Ettika you are sure to find the one that’s right for you and your event. Ettika Vintage bracelets make meaningful jewelry gifts for a loved one. Ettika bracelets created out of crystals add even additional sense and purpose.

Bracelet sizes vary greatly, and come in various designs. Some will be sober and have minimal engravings on them, while others are totally plain, with nary a nick in sight. Others will be encrusted with semi-precious or precious stones, others might have a good deal of texture and some may have just a little bit of texture. No matter what design or type you go with, Ettika leather bracelets anchored with classic metals as gold or silver in its classic range of bracelets never goes out of style.

Take into consideration the unique designs leather bracelets from Ettika , I bet if you guys have seen some of the most elegant yet most affordable designs as available on this site. May it be Ettika coin knotted deerskin leather bracelet or the delicate Ettika thin leather bracelet knotted with a horse shoe charm, these ultimate designs will always equip your jewelry boxes to be mis- matched with the right set of accessories, just fit for whatever occasion you plan.


Friday, January 21, 2011

This is your chance to make a wish and wear a wish!

The furcula of a bird is commonly referred to as a wishbone or merry thought because of the tradition that when two people hold the two sides of the bone and pull it apart, the one who gets the larger part will have a wish granted. The wisher who breaks off a larger section of bone is assumed to have his wish granted. Alternately, the winner of this contest may choose to transfer the fragment of the bone, along with the wish, to a person of his choosing. Because this is commonly a Thanksgiving tradition, this bone is also called the Thanksgiving bone.

It was so amazing to see one of the gem of Ettika fashion jewelry in the range of charm bracelets as the wishbone bracelets,be it Color Blend Satin Cord Braided Wrap Bracelet or the leather and chain wrap bracelet clasped with a tiny wish bone design, simply alluring you to have one in your collection. Tie the bracelet around your wrist and make a wish, legend has it that when the bracelet naturally wears off and breaks your wish should come true.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Platinum bands- symbol of love

Platinum is a grayish-white highly malleable and ductile metal. Platinum is very costly due to its rareness and looks beautiful and extremely sophisticated class. Platinum is highly durable and it never loses its nature.

The use of wedding bands is used in all cultures of our life. Now a days platinum bands are been made to grab the attention of the new and young couples for their strong future bonding and for commitment towards each other. Platinum bands will always twinkle and never loose its shine and its shine will ensure that the relationship among the couple remain long lasting.

Platinum bands give a very decent and simple touch to the hands. The decency of the platinum bands can make the bride look like the queen of eloquence of solitaire.