Saturday, March 26, 2011

Transform yourself into a beach diva with hottest summer jewellery trends!!

The feel of heat of summers is on! The season is great time to wear and carry yourself as free and fashionable. White, ivory, blue and green all these colors naturally sooth your eyes and make you feel relaxed. With this colorful attire you want to be in, you can look cute and chic but you have to choose the right pieces otherwise you will look like you forgot to take off your jewelry. After all, you can’t wear the same outfit to work as you would to the beach or pool, right?

Among the hottest jewellery trends these season, one can be the layer long gold necklaces. These can be arranged to fall just at or below your neckline so they highlight you as sensuous. Throw on an armful of bangle very the one that will shimmer in the sun and sand. You can also slide a chunky cuff halfway up your arm to accentuate your toned arm muscles. Just don't put rings on every finger, you can choose one or two fingers and wear two rings on each. This can be a very chic look. If you're going into the water or playing volleyball or other beach sports, skip the dangling earrings, because they can pull and hurt your ear lobes, instead go for colorful stone studs.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

A fashion furor is stirring in the air!

A global epidemic is spreading like wildfire and can be spotted on Hollywood’s hottest starlets and fashion's finest catwalkers, to boot! Animal prints are rip-roaring through the fashion scene, and have left us seeing spots: Leopard, Tiger and Giraffe spots, to be exact.
But, how do you get the look? Live up to the Safarian style by accessorizing with these Ettika Wild Things...

Tigers Eye Stone Stretch Bracelet with Trio Gold Charms Heart

Pair this primitive piece with any ensemble for a subtle touch of untamed style!

Solitary Semi Precious Tiger Eye Ball Earrings with Gold Dusted Bead

Don these Tiger Eye earrings for a hint of feline fabulousness!

Personalized Initial Charm with Swarovski Crystal Accent Dalmatian Stretch Bracelet

Accessorize your get-up with a personalized serving of into the wild spots!

 Go on, get wild.
 XoXo, Ettika


Ettika single pearl bracelet is a gorgeous accessory choice

The marvelous beauty of pearls has always touch a woman‘s hearts and when paired within design of bracelets. Every pearl began its life as a piece of grit or ocean dust that found its way inside a mollusk’s shell. Its mesmerizing effects perfectly match to all type of occasions. Pearl bracelets are made with cultured pearls, a man-made version of their natural counterpart. Feel the sheen and serenity of pearls and crystal with the exquisite range of Ettika single pearl bracelet, crafted in a contemporary fashion to give you a stunning look.
A single white pearl in this bracelet is just enough to make you catch a glimpse of it again and again when it braces your wrists. The sleekness of the design makes it quite rare and it carries a in itself both glamour and elegance. With or without other pearl jewelry pieces, Ettika single pearl leather bracelet stands out and makes any arm look sophisticated and graceful.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Buy hallmark gold jewellery as Gold is forever

Gold a very precious metal since ages and with increasing value of this metal in the market makes it a very astonished piece in jewellery to have ever. Its gleaming yellow shine with lustrous tint is just enough to sparkle your eyes. Molded in various patterns as necklaces, rings, bracelets, bangles it’s any form is worth to have it both as a thing to wear and keep it as an asset. There are many companies that assure of pure gold and offer an enormous collection of bracelets that adorn the wrist and lend a charming look to the personality. The collection is created keeping in mind the latest trends and designs and exhibits a dazzling finish.

A neat and cool design is cutout from the lustrous yellow gold and is coupled with elegant yet strong and stylish strings or chains. These also customize the range of bracelets as per the client's specifications but before buying it is always wise to look for the international quality specifications developed in compliance with advanced jewellery designing machinery. The precision of grams and karate effect the quality of gold. Embossed with quality standard hallmarks on piece of jewellery should always be look upon while purchasing gold jewellery.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ettika spring break giveaway collection: It’s time to feel the heat, the sweat and the sun.

Spring has arrived with a joyful mood indicating to get dressed and relax with cool outfits and accessories. As accessories goes, a trendy piece of jewelry can immediately make any drab and boring outfit into an eye catching and chic one. No other accessory be it high heels, belts, bag or scarves can transform the look of an outfit as much as a beautiful piece of jewelry. If you really think about it, the right jewelry is like a piece of expensive art. Knowing the latest fashion trends in jewelry is very important, if you want a piece that is fashionable right now.

Spring break away collection of Ettika forecasts women bracelets with a bigger and bolder look. The best thing about wearing Ettika stacked saying bangles is that you can pair them with anything from sundresses to skinny jeans. You need to stack them up for a chic and casual look. So Ettika is all set to make your mood with the exquisite range of bracelets this season, all you need is to grab one for you.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sand, Sea and Sun-kissed SI

Sirens! Ettika turns heads inside the sunny pages of the coveted 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue! No less than 8 pieces can be spotted inside the prized publication with even more snapshots showcased online ( Sports Illustrated Stunners, Irina Shayk and Julie Henderson were the pictures of paradise, soaked in Ettika's designs. The bathing beauties suited up in Ettika's Lite-Brite bold neon charmed bracelets, adding a pop of punchy color to their sultry swim style! 

Ettika Styles W200, B563, W152, and W150 quite simply sizzled on the SI sweethearts but how do YOU get the lustworthy look à la the Sports Illustrated glamour girls? Firstly, always stay true to your personal style and let your character shine through in your accessorizing! If you’re more of a in-the mood-for-nude type of gal, accent your beach look with a stack of bracelets in subtle, neutral tones!  If you prefer to get loud, dare to wear brilliantly bold colors drenched in beads and charms!  And always, always, make a statement by piling on a mile high stack of Ettika!