Friday, April 22, 2011

Strengthen the bonds with your friends by gifting them leather friendship bracelet.

For both men and women wearing a bracelet can be for business or casual and having multiple styles to choose from is growing. Whatever statement you are trying to make having an accessory that helps you convey your originality is always fun to have. There are many designs that are particularly seem to be popular among the younger crowds and you can even see some of them in your family and circle wearing bracelets and sometimes several to show their style.

Yes! Here we are talking about Leather friendship bracelet. The great thing about a leather bracelet is that they seem to have a lasting appeal and can be worn anytime of the day. The sturdy and evergreen fashionable look makes them ever demanding by all generations.
They come in wrap styles, cusps styles, band styles, you just need to Layer them on, mix and match and add the season's all important vibrant fashion palette! Leather Friendship bracelet fit right in with the move to simplify our lives, to celebrate what is special, while still creating a personalized style with flair.


Friday, April 15, 2011

The dog days of winter are finally over!

Ladies, the time has come to bid adieu to your galoshes, eighty-six your ear muffs and dust off your daisy dukes and spoony sundresses: Spring has officially sprung! 
Happy prints, fresh florals, and bold hues are popping up on runways the world over, but how do you ace the budding look? Live up to the sunny style by accessorizing with these Ettika Spring Flings...

Be Seen! For an instant prismatic pick-me-up, pile on a pack of these daring darlings!

 Pocket full of Posies! Get gussied up (and nail the flower power look) with this blossoming bauble! 

Accessorize your get-up with a dash of  lilac lacquer and a serving of sparkle!

Get Sprung!
 XoXo, Ettika


Explore the new bee designs and trends in bracelet fashion before choosing one for you

Gone are the days when jewellery meant only gold, silver and diamond. Nevertheless these had a resale worth but people are more into the fashion styles these days. The worth of them is actually is how you look when you wear them. And with so much buzz about bracelets, designers are coming up with fashion forward pieces. Craze for them will never fade as for it didn’t become passes since years.

You have several designs that you can choose from and you can layer them all the way up your arms if you so wish. It’s entirely up to you. Rustic wooden beads are also very popular nowadays, especially for guys. Not to be very bright but reddish brown beads and black beads, etc are all very acceptable.

Rock and roll jewelry like studded headbands and bracelets are in. Chain necklaces, elastic beaded bracelet and bracelet rings are feminine with an edge. The designs known as small sill bands are also becoming popular these days. Then, there are silver and leather bracelets. These have also hit a peak as far as fashion goes. You can find them at several different shops, for several different prices and they normally fit all size wrists.

So there’s a whole lot for everyone and anyone. Whatever you wear most important is how much you are contented with what you are wearing.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Get a traditional look with antique wood crafted jewellery

Fashion trends also bring change in style and taste of people with it. Gone are the days when people used to be skeptic about wearing or carrying anything on them as fashion. Now the belief is more like ‘create your own fashion’. With this change in metal set up towards fashion, even designers are going a step further to create extraordinary stuff, whether it is in clothes or jewellery. One of the earliest materials used for crafting jewellery is wood. It was popularly used in the 18th and the early 19th century to adorn the body. Wooden costume jewelry has become a rage with women of different age groups all across the globe. The jewellery pieces arestylishly crafted from natural wood and given a fine finish.

Especially tribes all around the world can be seen wearing such designs and now this section is becoming popular with modern city look too. The opaque, calm, naturally colored wood jewellery can be carved into various forms as necklaces, anklets, hairpins, wood bracelets, brooches and so on. One can now find a variety of patterns so exclusive and worth buying through plenty of designer sites available on internet. Wood carries a religious and aesthetically healthy value too, this benefit is also actually adding up in the craze for wooden jewellery.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Embrace yourself this season with magic of black metal fashion stuff.

Have you ever heard of black magic? Yes indeed must have and I feel the same when I see some gorgeous fashion accessories in black metal. These are just magical metallic black jewellery sure to hypnotize everyone at least for once. Wearing fashionable accessories during the spring and summer months, there is no better way to get yourself noticed than to wear these  black metal accessories that coordinate with fresh, summer styles, especially for the evenings.

Very fashionable for this year's trends in jewelry, you can't go wrong with this beautiful metal casting bracelets and bangles. Perfect for any occasion, fancy or casual and especially the range of bracelets will really complete your outfit and make you stand out. The perfect combination of form and function, black metal jewelry not only gives you a unique touch to your collection in wardrobes but also looks graceful when carried off.