Saturday, September 15, 2012

Vintage Bracelets Perfect Form Of Beauty

When it comes to bracelets, women have a strong bond that cannot be broken no matter what. Their love is unending. It is a fact that women dream of jewelries and more especially bracelets for their subtle, soft, elegant and exotic nature. Nothing really satisfies them and with the reintroduction on the vintage bracelets, their shelves and closets will now be overloaded with the unique friendship bracelets in vintage jewelery. There are a thousand and one types and patterns of the vintage bracelets available on the market today.

There are friendship bracelets patterns that are aimed at gifting the special people in our lives. Friendship bracelets range greatly on prices, but the good thing about them is that, almost everyone can make them. There are those who love gold bracelets and whether it is old, when gifted to someone as a vintage bracelet it portrays a unique feature. Beauticians regard vintage bracelets as the best for any occasion and are used to portray elegance and a good taste on designs.

friendship bracelets in vintage jeweleryfriendship bracelet patterns

Vintage bracelets together with charming bracelets go very well with most wedding dresses even if it is far from the vintage fashion. When the vintage bracelets are made with friendship bracelet patterns, they become important in gifting friends as a sign of remembrance of history together. Whenever you have the vintage bracelets, it will enhance your look no matter the outfit that you wear to go with it. Those who love vintage bracelets describe them as unique and exclusive.


Friday, September 7, 2012

When Jane has Her Date with Paul

bracelets design
It was a complex chemistry altogether, both Jane and Paul is from two different poles. Jane is a research fellow of Bio Chemistry, and Paul is an aspiring sound technician, a chalk and cheese combination you may say, still it keeps on continuing.

Women Bracelets JewelryIn fact, apart from the spectrophotometer and acrid smell of fumes and acids there in lab, apart from the late night study, it is virtually nothing that is there in her life, in fact, she does not have the time even. But the world has changed when she was introduced to Paul by one distant friend, his craggy face; sharp sense of humor is enough to trigger the brain cells to channelize the responses in a different direction. The second visit, she was gifted a gold bracelet.

Till few days back she was unaware of the thing called fashion, now many a time she stands in front of the mirror. While asking about the maker, it was shunned with the mysterious smile, the best expression she has ever seen or she perhaps becomes too lovelorn. 
After prodding, se came to hear the name for the first time in her life, he called it Ettika. The next day, as she searched Ettika in her laptop, her collogues felt bemused, she was awe stuck. What a plethoric collection they have in the segment of Gold bracelet for women! She also searched for something for Paul, yet that is there too. Now it is the Paul who will be beamed. She has enough money to offer the friendship bracelet for him.