Thursday, February 23, 2012

Unique Dusted bead gold bracelets as an all time accessory by Ettika

Fashion jewelry may or may not interest everyone .Most of the time we don’t want to explore it and always go for conventional patterns in necklaces, earrings and bracelets. With such mind set we usually miss out some very novel designs .The ones you may not get in precious style of jewelry too.

It’s quite amazing to find out these days the plethora of good designers as Ettika trying to bring out real splendor in designs when it comes to fashion jewelry. Not one or two for each season they have some unique patterns for every season. This also makes sometimes difficult what to choose and what to leave. Dusted Gold bracelets range by Ettika is one explicit example of it.

Ranging from band, chain, knot to stretch style Ettika dusted gold bracelets framed in beads, stones, crystals, charms gives a great selection choice. Such abundant variety and every pattern so different are sure to make you confused about which one is the best for you. Talk about the price then the design you get at Ettika so reasonably priced not to be found any other place over web.

So before the collection at Ettika gets over grab a piece for yourself….


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Its fun to learn making beaded bracelets online

Beaded pattern in jewelry is way long traditional. Pearls, glass and wooden beads were the most original style. With advent of acrylic and nylon beads it has a new face now. From young to old, beads are favorite styles in jewelry as they are easily molded and woven in any string or cord.

Most simplistic and popular are Beaded Bracelets . Round, square, cylindrical or any other form are these beads can be worn off. These bracelets are also a great home based business idea in jewelry making. In fact many good artists are providing training in such art for other to start there home made jewelry business.

Even there are many online jewelry making sites that provide free guidance and tips in making some enchanting patterns in gold bracelets and necklaces. You also find step to step videos of this art over you tube and other video websites online.

It is also great fun to learn this art where in you can make many adjustable and stretch bracelets based on your own creativity and ideas.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Online Jewelry Store: Boon to fashion buyers and makers

Buying and selling online though was quite limited to developed nations till back few years. But now with internet technology getting cheap and communication getting faster the boom in online market has reached to developing and underdeveloped nations too. Household, grocery, automobiles, real estate, furniture and now even jewelry has been in the list of online markets, tagged popularly as charm bracelets.

Well even if you are skeptical about buying gold or diamonds online still you can buy fashion jewelry online. There are numerous good online jewelry stores that deal in such range and even make it convenient for you to pay on delivery at times. since everybody has turned to online markets competition has also raised, this in other ways has benefitted customers as they get same product far cheaper rate at Online Jewelry Store than conventional market.

It’s convenient for buyers to give a look at catalogues in one shot at jewelry designs simultaneously at various websites. Offers on festivities through coupons and sale prices at bestsellers are also quite easily accessed with lot more information over web. Designer also can get a chance to roll in with big brands through their own web marketing tools as self promotion. One may find all big brands of jewelry markets in one glance over web.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gift an expression to someone with Ettika Expression bangles

Iconic fashion is quite popular these days. T-shirts and tees with printed quotes and statements are all in. So why leave the accessories. Ettika gives you the exclusive range expression bangles wherein you will find copper, brass, silver touch bangles each standing for its own expression in beautiful calligraphic styles engraved on it.

Just as the one above triple chain adjustable bracelet with expression embossed on it is a design suitable regardless of whether you are a gal or girl. Ettika also gives you the option to fetch your own phrase to be designed on metal plate. Ettika has many other patterns like single bangle or bracelet with charms and expression engraved on those charms. Whatever charm you are fascinated to, you get here one for every occasion

A wish, a saying, a thought, a feeling anything woven in words can be the part of these beautiful expression bangles by Ettika. These are also memorable gifts for some very thoughtful occasions as the anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, friendship day and so on. These expressions in form of bangles will always be a part and parcel in life of someone you gift .


Fashion Earrings: Creating New style statement in wearing accessories

Since time immortal, the ornament fetish appears to be instrumental with human existence. The same saga is going on and we are too entwined with it, in a queer unisex way. Yes, let’s talk about the ear rings, and you will see ample number of dudes now a day proudly dons the stud in his right or left ear lobe. It appears to be the fashion statement and nobody is complaining.

The scenario is really something new as of now, be it in the socialite circle or the wannabe CEO of an MNC, the expression bangles are omnipresent and to add an adage, appears ‘definitely male!’ Of course it will be a crime if the ear rings for those her highnesses are not described, it is primary meant for them only!

Even till today, the top notch corporate with razor edge business sense sheds her veneer only to blush when a pair of diamond ear ring, her alter ego is being presented to her. Now if we put the crude categorization, there are different types of Fashion Earring and meant for different purposes though the basic modus operandi of sporting the ring appears to be the same – to look more gorgeous and elegant to the eyes of beholders.

The types appear to be like this- basically it depends on metal and the gems, gold, diamond, sapphire, platinum to name a few. The different type of ear rings are there, often these kinds are blurred with experiments and fusions of fashions, they are considered as dangle ear rings, studs, hoops, cork screw and so on. As a whole, the ear rings are getting more popularity with every passing day and there is virtually no looking back.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Smart buying is what needed when you buy diamonds

Gosh!!! “A solitaire diamond at 20 % off”. Yes this could be a reaction of any of us if one says there are discounts on diamonds. It ‘s not bad to earn things on discounts but what we need to look for especially when the talk is of diamond necklace or rings , is that not to be a prey of any scam.
diamond necklace
Many a times we allure ourselves to such offers and miss those minutes about buying diamond necklace or other designs .I am not specifying the 4 c’s here, everyone knows about it .what I am specifying here is beyond that 4c’s.The seller would tell you the karate weight or can make you convinced of its clarity and color but since it’s not our job to be expert on diamond we placidly believe. Even sometimes good brands gets you promises and you find hard time when actually they are required to be fulfilled by the sellers.

So what is the solution here? A good govt recognized diamond certification lab or company can get you documented proof on where your diamonds stand. With growing number of scams in diamonds these days it is but mandatory to have a personal appraisal done by such labs. It is always better to be fully informed and prepared which can help you stay safe when buying diamond pieces.


Turn your attire in golden hues with unique style Ettika gold bracelets

We all know that everything that glitters is not gold but yes we can’t deny that gold is also one metal that can be easily molded to various shapes and designs, even the gold dust sometimes makes a piece of jewelry so exquisite and unique.
gold bracelets
For the ones like me who are not after the glitter of gold but like to wear it other forms then Ettika range of gold bracelets could be great option. Ettika is one such website that has given me always novel styles in conventional metals as gold or silver

Gold bracelets at Ettika are quite different in lot many ways. They simply don’t design in gold but carve the things in many ways out of gold. Rice Bead with Semi Precious Ball and Gold Dusted Bead Stretch Bracelet is one such example from the vast range of unique patterns Ettika has. What makes me so fond of this design is the mismatch of turquoise and gold dusted bead beautifully centric among the golden rice beads. Worn unanimously for any occasion and goes well with any outfit is the best part of this design.