Thursday, May 24, 2012

From a Tomboy to a Lady

I am a not so sweet sixteen years old, a complete tomboy. I love to bully guys and make them lose in basketball. Basketball is my passion and I am the school captain. My father is my mentor and I enjoy playing with him the most. My mom is always complaining about my tomboyish attitude. She tries to make me wear feminine clothes and jewelry but to no avail. 

Bracelets patternsAnyways, being an only child I am somewhat spoiled and try to take full advantage of that. I recently cajoled my parents to get me a pet cat. His name is Whiskers and he is so adorable. Whiskers is like my pal, I share all my feelings with him and guess what he understands me. All my friends are fond of him coz he’s a sweetheart. I even made a beautiful friendship bracelets patternsfor him. 

Tough mom is not so cat friendly but she let me have him. She was just happy to see me in high spirits. She always does such things for me and dad. I thought to do something for her that would make her feel delighted. Usually I never help her with the house chores but I started doing it and she was pleased by my fussy efforts. She gave me an amazing gold dusted bead leather and chain bracelet that she used to wear when she was in college. It is a gold bracelets for women and I don’t know why but since I have started wearing it I have become more feminine. I know it’s just my imagination but now I have started dressing up and wearing makeup also like my other girl friends. You must have guessed my mom’s reaction to it; yes she is ecstatic that her daughter is finally becoming a lady.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gold bracelet that made my mum smile on mother’s day

Charm Bead BraceletMy mother is my best friend. I share all my feelings with her. She is my friend, philosopher and guide in the true sense of the word. Although I ask for her advice in every situation, I do not follow it every time. Sometimes a child’s view works and an adult’s doesn’t and vice versa.

My mother always showers me with presents and knick knacks. My most cherished present is a beaded bracelet that she gave me on daughter’s day. She always makes me feel special and now I wanted the same for her.

 This mother’s day I thought of surprising her and making it special for her. Both I and my dad started conspiring as we both wanted to make her feel extraordinary. My dad came up with this wonderful idea of gifting her gold bracelet. We ordered an exquisite gold bracelet at an online jewelry store and asked them to deliver it on mother’s day. I made a card and bought a cake and bouquet for her. 

bracelets for women
The day had come and I was super excited. She received a beautifully wrapped package in the morning and I gave her the card, bouquet and cake at that time only. She had an astounding expression on her face and just couldn’t believe it. She was extremely happy and to top it all dad cooked breakfast for her.

Both my parents were ecstatic and I felt good that I did something that made them feel happy and proud.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother’s day special: Great bracelets designs form ettika

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What makes jewelry so special so close to a girls heart, that a mere ring can reverberate all her senses from head to toe? Is it genetics to be blamed or that’s how special god has created a women. An ornament is like bliss to a girl’s beauty. If being beautiful is a nature’s gift then enhancing it with fashion accessories is like a cherry on the cake.

Fashion is defined differently from day to day, if yesterday it was friendship bracelets today it is known as a fashion band, and is setting its own trend statements among the young generation. As bright colors are the most in this season, you will see most of the crowd wrapping bright color bracelets on their dainty wrist and contrasting them with dresses with spontaneous shades of green, white, yellow, floral and so on. 

Online jewelry shopping sites such as ettika are well known for their bracelet designs and the special collection of gold dusted gold bracelets for women are worth having in your jewelry box.

Ettika always adds a special touch with its exclusive designs as for mother’s day, women’s day, Valentines Day and so on. The recent design as Mother’s Day Stack is really worth having a one to your beloved mom.

Charm Friendship BraceletsVarieties including beaded stretch, one’s with button closure in the end, beads embedded on a golden string, combination of gold beads and semiprecious stones and so forth, Are a delight to one’s eyes, and you simply can’t take your eyes off these precious and prodigal collection.

At a price very affordable, these divine collections are made to enhance your beauty with more elegance and grace, or to give you a more stylish punk or a sporty look, depending on the choice you make. Go grab your hand piece now and get ready for a fashionable you.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

How’d you like to be a trendsetter this season?


Fashion is all about experimenting each day with something new in the list, but for me fashion is something which gives me a comfortable, yet elegant look, something which I can carry with grace and yet make a fashion statement, making the crowd to follow my style. When I see in the past, I see myself making a complete wreck of a girly image; no doubt I was tagged as a tomboy. 

As I grew up to become more of a girl, I gradually evolved with more of fashion around me. I think that adds as a positive point, when you gradually appear from nowhere becoming someone you were never before and take the crowd in for a surprise when they have a first look at you after years of losing touch. Now that I love the attention, I am more in to keeping myself in vogue.

I have always had a bent towards accessories, as I like to keep it plain with fashion, I could never overcome the preciousness  friendship bracelets held for me, during my growing years and till this day, I love to adorn it over my wrist. Known to be a friendship band back in those days has now become a fashionable trend among the present youth.

This season it’s all about experimenting with bright colors, the makeup, the clothes, and the accessories, I recently had my pick of colorful charm bracelets with online shopping at Ettika jewelries, and I nearly fell flat with the artistic use of colorful shades of Garden Friendship Thread Braided Bracelet, which is enough to match with a floral tunic and a pair of flats, and I am all set to turn the heads.