Thursday, May 26, 2011

Diamond bracelets are astonishing additions to your jewelry collection

It is said that “diamonds are girl’s best friends”. Every girl wants to wear diamond bracelet her engagement and wedding because these both are the unforgettable moment of his life. As an elegant piece of jewelry, a diamond bracelet is one that encircles the wrist and emits the glint and sparkle that only diamonds can.

These Diamond bracelets that come in variety of styles can be made from a selection of materials. The traditional diamond line bracelet are  diamond tennis bracelet when a Diamond tennis bracelets are usually made from gold or platinum and feature lines or a symmetrical pattern of diamonds often interspersed with other gems like sapphire or ruby.

The diamond charm bracelet starts out as a normal a link bracelet on which small pendants or trinkets can be hung. The diamonds in a diamond charm bracelet can be set in the charms or into the links of the bracelet. A diamond bangle bracelet consists of one or more rigid hoops that are slightly larger than the wrist and normally made of precious metals like gold, white gold or sterling silver.
Well whatever way you want to wear, the sparkle of diamonds adds to the attraction of collection of mementos you have.