Saturday, July 2, 2011

Create a mystique presence among crowd with ettika charm beaded bracelets

Nature has given us the gift of gemstones, whose organic energies help us return to our natural healthy state. Aventurine stone encourages luck and chance. Physically, it is used to strengthen eyesight and calm emotions. It is also used to calm a troubled mind, by bringing inner peace to the wearer. It's known to increase confidence and gratitude, by reinforcing positive attitudes.

When embedded as beads in and around charms like wishbone, horse shoe and tree of life just like Ettika Aventurine Stone Stretch Bracelet with Trio Gold Charms - wishbone peace horseshoe then the charisma of aventurine is just much more than as a stone.

This charm beaded bracelet design is surely to bring calming effect on emotions and help you balance in the awkward period of life. Not to mention the beauty of mystique green that would just go right with any outfit of yours. Simply magic to be worn as people would definitely seek to have one for them when they see in tender wrists of yours.