Sunday, October 30, 2011

Elegantly charming Ettika beaded gold bracelets

Royal and elegance is what carried along when you wear gold. Gold has always been a mark of purity and solemnity. With each of its forms such as chains, rings, and earring the gold bracelets comes in their beauty of its own. Designers have always been very creative when it comes to bracelets of gold. As the metal can be molded in variety of patterns it has even successfully created a niche in fashionable jewelry design too.

Talking about fashion and elegance of gold then you have seen nothing if you have not come across the intricate patterns of Ettika gold dusted bracelets. The above one, B304 - Gold Dusted Beads and Knotted Bracelet is just an example from the huge showcase of bracelets Ettika has and that too in quite reasonable price tags. The dull matte finish of gold dusted beads tied and tangled so delicately in various knots is definitely going to provide a tender and serene look to your wrist.

You may not quite afford a diamond necklace many a times but if you want something unusual and different then this bracelet would definitely is the most affordable and valued choice .



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