Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vintage Fashion jewelry at its best with ettika in 2012

With fresh smell in air of winter fashion all around and aura of New Year mostly right now, one seems to be out with the old and in with the new. In many ways we want to start a fresh and 2012 brings a rush of excitement. Already the news and speculations of coming fashion and style statements are all there in big magazines. May be the year would go slow but fashion in all by itself is ready to jump into 2012′s fashion trends.

However and what so ever new choices we are brought with some things never fade away and Vintage is one word for it. You don’t have to think heavy although when talking about vintage. Vintage fashion has also taken its own turns past years .They are more classy, soft , elegant and range to be worn from exclusive to casual occasions.

One such design I confronted few days back gold braided bracelet range by Ettika. It would not be fair to say just great to such a collection that Ettika holds. For every time when I wear the one above, Gold Braided Vintage Multi Lime Ribbon and Rhinestone Beaded Bracelets , there has not been a single time when people seen that have not asked me about it.

Gold braided bracelet from vintage collection is one the best sellers of Ettika and it never leave you without any option of variety when you buy here.



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