Friday, June 22, 2012

How I found my Fanaticism for Bracelets?

friends loved
As usual, I was going through DIY’s in my free time when I saw these striking friendship bracelets. I just fell in love with the exquisite friendship bracelet patterns. I do buy friendship bracelets for my friends but these ones were just awesome.

They were made with fine colorful threads with beads, pearls, crystals and other shining stuff. I took out my kit and started working on them. The result was a gorgeous looking bracelet. I just didn’t stop at one and made somewhere around ten different bracelets. I immediately loaded the bracelet pics on my facebook account and all my friends loved it. One even suggested that I start selling them. I thought, ‘not a bad idea’.

beautiful bracelets Few of my local friends gave me orders for these beautiful bracelets and voila now I am at it full time. I have my hands full with an order for seventy bracelets for a teenager’s graduation party. She wants me to incorporate her school name and passing year on them. This is my first ever bulk order and it would definitely help publicizing my work.

Once I learn the tricks of the trade I plan to go into gold bracelet designing. I would hire the services of a goldsmith and ask him to make the bracelets according to my designs. I know it is going to be different than the regular bracelets I make but this is what I wish to do. After designing so many beautiful bracelets, I now wish to be a bracelet designer.



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