Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Ettika story: the beaded saga lasts for ever

gold braidedThe most popular category of the bracelets is the beaded bracelets. No wonder, the bracelets that adorn you or your girl friend, the top wish list always are being shared by the beaded one. 

If you feel like, you may ask the same, go for a survey and the result will come out with a clear winner, the beaded bracelets are the most favorite. And if it is gold braided bracelets and if it is being made by the company like Ettika, there is no looking back, present it to your girlfriend and see the glow and the unspoken smile. 

Yes, you have hit the right chord indeed. The beads are of different origin, so is the ribbon of the bracelets, there is a complex chemistry that stands in between bracelet material and the ribbon. The ribbon can be made of leathers. 
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Yes, there are different type of leathers, be it the tomba leather, or the black shining one, the matted leather, the rusted version of leather ribbon, you may choose from the different silk ribbons as well. Yes, there are several types and is available in different prices as well. If you can spend at least $ 25, you can be the owner of   an exclusive bracelet. 

The more expensive one is also available, the price may burn the discotheque as well as your pocket in fire, but the quality is worthy to it. Want to have a try? Go to Ettika and have the best online store experience of your life. 



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