Thursday, February 3, 2011

Create a fashion statement with Ettika’s beaded leather bracelets .


Bracelets made of leather have been crafted for thousands of years across the globe. If you want to go for the one with some ethnic touch, then you should think of a leather bracelet. There is no limit to the designs that are available in this range.  A variety of multicolored or uni-colored leather interwined with golden and silver beads and semi precious stones makes a nice and attractive piece to wear.

Manufactured using premium quality material, and available in simple yet trendy designs, color combinations and sizes, Ettika leather bracelets are appropriate to deliver any women’s wrist, a fascinating look and are magnificent on every type of apparel. The sophisticatedly designed gamuts of Ettika beaded leather bracelets are intricately designed with wide variety of flat leather of various colors. These alluring pieces are made of soft leather that is extremely comfortable and tender on skin.

With Ettika Donut-Bead-Chain-and-Leather-Bracelet every teen ager girl can complete their biker look with these must have pieces of fashion trend. This is simple but is extremely stylish owing to the rich look it gives with its pure quality material.