Friday, February 11, 2011

Wishing you luck: Ettika wishbone bracelets.

Everyone in this world wants to be lucky, and so this aspiration has made the urge of wearing charms and stones more strong, behind every lucky charm their goes a story, which eventually provides a base to the conviction and faith of people wearing such charms. Many of us see people wearing such lucky charms with them as rings, bracelets, pendants. But then wearing so many things together also makes you look like a dump of jewellery.
How nice it becomes if style and faith comes hand in hand and becomes suitable to carry it off. Ettika designs such bracelets keeping in mind this comfort and style. Among the variety of explicit designs in wishbone bracelets and jewellery Ettika has. One such design is Ettika-Lucky-Wishbone-Coin-Leather-Bracelet. The wishbone charm being carved in the coin makes it very easy to wear and style. The bold leather strand provides a firm and sturdy look to the bracelet. One just needs to tie this wishbone engraved in coin so strongly, and carry it on all the special occasions where simply luck is required the most.