Saturday, March 26, 2011

Transform yourself into a beach diva with hottest summer jewellery trends!!

The feel of heat of summers is on! The season is great time to wear and carry yourself as free and fashionable. White, ivory, blue and green all these colors naturally sooth your eyes and make you feel relaxed. With this colorful attire you want to be in, you can look cute and chic but you have to choose the right pieces otherwise you will look like you forgot to take off your jewelry. After all, you can’t wear the same outfit to work as you would to the beach or pool, right?

Among the hottest jewellery trends these season, one can be the layer long gold necklaces. These can be arranged to fall just at or below your neckline so they highlight you as sensuous. Throw on an armful of bangle very the one that will shimmer in the sun and sand. You can also slide a chunky cuff halfway up your arm to accentuate your toned arm muscles. Just don't put rings on every finger, you can choose one or two fingers and wear two rings on each. This can be a very chic look. If you're going into the water or playing volleyball or other beach sports, skip the dangling earrings, because they can pull and hurt your ear lobes, instead go for colorful stone studs.