Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ettika single pearl bracelet is a gorgeous accessory choice

The marvelous beauty of pearls has always touch a woman‘s hearts and when paired within design of bracelets. Every pearl began its life as a piece of grit or ocean dust that found its way inside a mollusk’s shell. Its mesmerizing effects perfectly match to all type of occasions. Pearl bracelets are made with cultured pearls, a man-made version of their natural counterpart. Feel the sheen and serenity of pearls and crystal with the exquisite range of Ettika single pearl bracelet, crafted in a contemporary fashion to give you a stunning look.
A single white pearl in this bracelet is just enough to make you catch a glimpse of it again and again when it braces your wrists. The sleekness of the design makes it quite rare and it carries a in itself both glamour and elegance. With or without other pearl jewelry pieces, Ettika single pearl leather bracelet stands out and makes any arm look sophisticated and graceful.