Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ettika Colorful friendship bracelets : A dappled mix of tradition with fashion.

Fashion accessories have added real trend to beauty and are very much in vogue, and after seeing this piece of friendship bracelet one cannot agree for more. Titled as tropical punch friendship braided rhinestone stack and is designed by Ettika.

This bracelet is one of the exclusive pieces of art out of the varied collections of friendship bracelets. It clearly shows the amount of creativity put in by the designer to mix different shades of colors with different textures and complementing their beauty with divine rhinestone crystals braided well to give it an earthy look. 

 Each and every rhinestone crystal which are a definite lookalike of real diamonds are beautifully placed between the threads in a zigzag fashion occupying the top and the bottom line, and in between thick colorful threads are knotted in a pleat fashion. The beautiful colors blend into each other so well that it’s hard to make out as to where do they start and where do they end.

Nothing more exclusive and extravagant would adorn a women’s dainty wrist than this piece which would suit any attire and any occasion. Make your bonds stronger by gifting friendship bracelets as this to your friends the exact way how these colorful threads and stones bond with each other, so strong and yet so priceless.



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