Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gold bracelets to add to your grace

During my college days I remember how the local shops use to be flocked by the students to pick up variety of friendship bracelets for each other so that they can swear on their lifelong friendship and be always present in each other’s joys and sorrows. End of the day we use to sit and count who collected the most of it and brag about it in the whole college. By the time I finished with my college life I had collected almost one hundred bracelets in my charm box. It used to be so enchanting to see those colorful threads still so fresh and alive every time I opened my charm box.

Those were the times, and now we are so engrossed in our life that we hardly have time to remember our own birthdays let alone days like friendships day. just like any other usual day when I came back home from work, there my landlady handed me a courier box, I hardly could think of anybody who had sent it to me, I ran in to open it up and i was flabbergasted to see a beautiful Friendship Bracelets lying inside a beautiful golden box. There was a message on the back of the box saying “may our friendship be as pure as this piece of gold and retain its shine for years to come”. She was my best friend.

Colorful threads or shining gold, only thing that matters is the bond between two people, and what best way to express yourself than these beautiful collections of gold bracelets .



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