Thursday, April 26, 2012

DIY Make your own Bracelet

Bracelets design

Bracelets are an astounding piece of jewelry that has been worn since ages. A bracelet on one’s wrist looks chic. Bracelets come in many shapes and materials. They can have real or artificial gems and stones depending on one’s preferences.

Custom or fashion jewelry is very popular now days. Fashion bracelets are worn by young and old alike. They are very easy to make and can be made at home with regular stuff available at home. The most austere bracelet that is uncomplicated to make are beaded bracelets. They can be made with a nylon string or fishing line and some multi colored beads with a hole in them. Take the string according to one’s wrist and pass the beads through it and attach a metal loop on both the sides of the string.
vintage bracelets 
Beaded bracelets or in fact self made bracelets are not very durable. These bracelets can be made durable by taking care of the loop size. Always use good quality thread and loops. Fashion bracelets can be made of many things like shells, stones, wood, plastic rings or any small discarded regular stuff. You can also make a bracelet with your name on it using beautiful alphabet beads.

Vivacious colorful things give a feeling of happiness and even make one feel rejuvenated. Colorful beads look very pretty and ritzy. One can even use colored gems, stones or crystals for making a bracelet. These bracelets will not cost much and can be a good alternative for gifting. Make bracelets for yourself and your kith and kins.



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