Thursday, April 19, 2012

Friendship bracelets are an all time gift

Friends indeed are the most treasured people in our life. I remember my last day at school. Throughout 12 years you almost live with your pals and then there comes the day you have to depart. Although you make the best use of your slam book to note down addresses contacts, birthdays to remember always but at somewhere in heart you know you are getting far.
I don’t know who made friendship bracelets or the belief and story behind it but I always want to thank him or her who made it first time. These bracelets were such timely gifts at this particular day of my life. Since then I am a keen buyer of it at occasions as friendship day and thanks giving days.

These are the most apt gifts to be given. Back 20 years there was hardly a choice and usually we used to make one of our own. We used to learn and try make through macramé threads. The trend is still on.

Thoughtful and beautiful these bracelets are now a fashion style. Range from friendship beaded, expressions, braided, to leather bracelets too. Now you get a better choice through online shops to gift your pals the best.



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