Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gold bracelet that made my mum smile on mother’s day

Charm Bead BraceletMy mother is my best friend. I share all my feelings with her. She is my friend, philosopher and guide in the true sense of the word. Although I ask for her advice in every situation, I do not follow it every time. Sometimes a child’s view works and an adult’s doesn’t and vice versa.

My mother always showers me with presents and knick knacks. My most cherished present is a beaded bracelet that she gave me on daughter’s day. She always makes me feel special and now I wanted the same for her.

 This mother’s day I thought of surprising her and making it special for her. Both I and my dad started conspiring as we both wanted to make her feel extraordinary. My dad came up with this wonderful idea of gifting her gold bracelet. We ordered an exquisite gold bracelet at an online jewelry store and asked them to deliver it on mother’s day. I made a card and bought a cake and bouquet for her. 

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The day had come and I was super excited. She received a beautifully wrapped package in the morning and I gave her the card, bouquet and cake at that time only. She had an astounding expression on her face and just couldn’t believe it. She was extremely happy and to top it all dad cooked breakfast for her.

Both my parents were ecstatic and I felt good that I did something that made them feel happy and proud.



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