Thursday, May 24, 2012

From a Tomboy to a Lady

I am a not so sweet sixteen years old, a complete tomboy. I love to bully guys and make them lose in basketball. Basketball is my passion and I am the school captain. My father is my mentor and I enjoy playing with him the most. My mom is always complaining about my tomboyish attitude. She tries to make me wear feminine clothes and jewelry but to no avail. 

Bracelets patternsAnyways, being an only child I am somewhat spoiled and try to take full advantage of that. I recently cajoled my parents to get me a pet cat. His name is Whiskers and he is so adorable. Whiskers is like my pal, I share all my feelings with him and guess what he understands me. All my friends are fond of him coz he’s a sweetheart. I even made a beautiful friendship bracelets patternsfor him. 

Tough mom is not so cat friendly but she let me have him. She was just happy to see me in high spirits. She always does such things for me and dad. I thought to do something for her that would make her feel delighted. Usually I never help her with the house chores but I started doing it and she was pleased by my fussy efforts. She gave me an amazing gold dusted bead leather and chain bracelet that she used to wear when she was in college. It is a gold bracelets for women and I don’t know why but since I have started wearing it I have become more feminine. I know it’s just my imagination but now I have started dressing up and wearing makeup also like my other girl friends. You must have guessed my mom’s reaction to it; yes she is ecstatic that her daughter is finally becoming a lady.



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