Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fashion Earrings: Creating New style statement in wearing accessories

Since time immortal, the ornament fetish appears to be instrumental with human existence. The same saga is going on and we are too entwined with it, in a queer unisex way. Yes, let’s talk about the ear rings, and you will see ample number of dudes now a day proudly dons the stud in his right or left ear lobe. It appears to be the fashion statement and nobody is complaining.

The scenario is really something new as of now, be it in the socialite circle or the wannabe CEO of an MNC, the expression bangles are omnipresent and to add an adage, appears ‘definitely male!’ Of course it will be a crime if the ear rings for those her highnesses are not described, it is primary meant for them only!

Even till today, the top notch corporate with razor edge business sense sheds her veneer only to blush when a pair of diamond ear ring, her alter ego is being presented to her. Now if we put the crude categorization, there are different types of Fashion Earring and meant for different purposes though the basic modus operandi of sporting the ring appears to be the same – to look more gorgeous and elegant to the eyes of beholders.

The types appear to be like this- basically it depends on metal and the gems, gold, diamond, sapphire, platinum to name a few. The different type of ear rings are there, often these kinds are blurred with experiments and fusions of fashions, they are considered as dangle ear rings, studs, hoops, cork screw and so on. As a whole, the ear rings are getting more popularity with every passing day and there is virtually no looking back.



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