Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Turn your attire in golden hues with unique style Ettika gold bracelets

We all know that everything that glitters is not gold but yes we can’t deny that gold is also one metal that can be easily molded to various shapes and designs, even the gold dust sometimes makes a piece of jewelry so exquisite and unique.
gold bracelets
For the ones like me who are not after the glitter of gold but like to wear it other forms then Ettika range of gold bracelets could be great option. Ettika is one such website that has given me always novel styles in conventional metals as gold or silver

Gold bracelets at Ettika are quite different in lot many ways. They simply don’t design in gold but carve the things in many ways out of gold. Rice Bead with Semi Precious Ball and Gold Dusted Bead Stretch Bracelet is one such example from the vast range of unique patterns Ettika has. What makes me so fond of this design is the mismatch of turquoise and gold dusted bead beautifully centric among the golden rice beads. Worn unanimously for any occasion and goes well with any outfit is the best part of this design.



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