Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Smart buying is what needed when you buy diamonds

Gosh!!! “A solitaire diamond at 20 % off”. Yes this could be a reaction of any of us if one says there are discounts on diamonds. It ‘s not bad to earn things on discounts but what we need to look for especially when the talk is of diamond necklace or rings , is that not to be a prey of any scam.
diamond necklace
Many a times we allure ourselves to such offers and miss those minutes about buying diamond necklace or other designs .I am not specifying the 4 c’s here, everyone knows about it .what I am specifying here is beyond that 4c’s.The seller would tell you the karate weight or can make you convinced of its clarity and color but since it’s not our job to be expert on diamond we placidly believe. Even sometimes good brands gets you promises and you find hard time when actually they are required to be fulfilled by the sellers.

So what is the solution here? A good govt recognized diamond certification lab or company can get you documented proof on where your diamonds stand. With growing number of scams in diamonds these days it is but mandatory to have a personal appraisal done by such labs. It is always better to be fully informed and prepared which can help you stay safe when buying diamond pieces.



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